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fundamental degradation mechanisms of layered oxide li ion - description of recent in operando and in situ analysis methodology surface science approach using photoemission for analysis of cathode surfaces and interfaces ageing and fatigue of layered oxide li ion battery cathode materials from the atomistic point of view, resolve a doi name - type or paste a doi name into the text box click go your browser will take you to a web page url associated with that doi name send questions or comments to doi, the hersam research group publications - publications indicates invited paper indicates cover article to request reprints please contact mark hersam m hersam northwestern edu 419 r li l m guiney, nanostructured materials basic concepts and microstructure - 1 basic concepts1 1 categories of nanostructured materialsone of the very basic results of the physics and chemistry of solids is the insight that most properties of solids depend on the microstructure i e the chemical composition the arrangement of the atoms the atomic structure and the size of a solid in one two or three dimensions, self healing material wikipedia - self healing materials are artificial or synthetically created substances which have the built in ability to automatically repair damage to themselves without any external diagnosis of the problem or human intervention generally materials will degrade over time due to fatigue environmental conditions or damage incurred during operation, manganese removal from drinking water sources springer - removing manganese mn from drinking water sources is an objective for many water utilities the motivation for mn removal is typically driven by aesthetic water quality concerns and potential distribution system issues rather than public health concerns, staff profile city university of hong kong - 2018 chairman the 10th asian conference on organic electronics a coe2018 city university of hong kong hong kong 5 8 december 2018 organizing committee member theme 3 session chairman xiv international conference on nanostructured materials nano2018 city university of hong kong hong kong 24 29 june 2018 2017, journal ranking and average impact factors iipopescu - illustrating a typical non power law by a downwards curved log rank log frequency distribution of science journal ranking by average journal impact factors jif left figure and the corresponding distribution of journal ranks jrk right figure as separately assigned within 107 disciplines, nanocomposites synthesis structure properties and new - abstract nanocomposites a high performance material exhibit unusual property combinations and unique design possibilities with an estimated annual growth rate of about 25 and fastest demand to be in engineering plastics and elastomers their potential is so striking that they are useful in several areas ranging from packaging to biomedical applications, lead halide perovskites crystal liquid duality phonon - abstract lead halide perovskites have been demonstrated as high performance materials in solar cells and light emitting devices these materials are characterized by coherent band transport expected from crystalline semiconductors but dielectric responses and phonon dynamics typical of liquids, student profiles iitb monash research academy - gokul completed his masters in marine geophysics from cochin university of science and technology cusat kerala in 2017 with university rank and obtained his bachelor s degree in physics from union christian college kerala affliated to mahatma gandhi university kottayam